Friday, November 30, 2012

The (sort-of) Dilemma

So Wednesday night something both amazing and kind of awful occurred.  Of course it was only those two adjectives to me, my husband, and maybe a handful of other people in the country.  I'm also being a bit dramatic for the effect.  So here it is:

ACC-BIG 10 Challenge - Clemson vs. Purdue-DLP-6899

Okay, maybe it isn't obvious from that picture, but MY TWO TEAMS, Purdue and Clemson, met in the Big Ten/ACC Basketball Challenge.  Since I became a Clemson fan, this has only happened one other time which was during my first semester working at Clemson.  At that time, although I cheered for Clemson, I wasn't really a fan so there wasn't much of a tug at my conscience when I cheered against them.  That Purdue team included the four "baby boilers", and it was their first true road test.  We lost by (I think) 3 points, but as a Purdue fan I was really encouraged by the play of those freshmen.  I knew things were going to be good for the next few years, and I wasn't wrong.

Flash forward 5 years later.  I live in a different state now so I couldn't actually attend the game (boo.)  I am a true Clemson fan now, although as I said earlier, I do pay more attention to football.  So what's a girl to do???

I'll tell you-- 
Boiler up!

Yep, you BOILER UP!

I felt like a bit of a traitor wanting Clemson to lose, but my loyalty is and always will be with my Boilers.

(But I do want Clemson to win the rest of their games, unless they were to meet Purdue again in the tourney.)

Hail Purdue!

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