Thursday, November 22, 2012

It's Thanksgiving, and I'm thankful

It's Thanksgiving, and I really am thankful for so much.
  • My adorable, healthy nieces and nephew
  • My family.  I wish we lived closer, but it makes me that much more grateful for the time we are together.
  • My faith
  • Oliver, my faithful, fluffy buddy
  • Purdue
  • Old friends
  • Sports
  • A good historical fiction novel set in England (quite specific, but my favorites)
  • TV that makes me laugh
  • DVR
  • A job
  • Buffalo Wild Wings (What?  It's true.)
  • Wine, french bread, and brie
  • Pasta
  • Blogs
  • Memories from wonderful vacations (Ah, Italy)
  • The dream that I could someday have a beach home
  • My mom's mashed potatoes
  • Music and the ability to keep a tune
  • The Avett Brothers
  • My random, new found love for baths and french dip sandwiches (not at the same time)
  • My favorites Anthropologie mug
  • Rivalry games.  (Go Clemson--Beat the Gamecocks!  Go Purdue--Crush the Hoosiers!)
  • My health
  • Ben.  Last, but never least.
*Picture of Ben and Ollie watching a Clemson game.  All things for which I'm grateful. :)

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