Tuesday, May 14, 2013


So here's the thing--I'm not really a blogger. Yes, I have this blog, but I'm not a writer, and as you can see, I rarely update it.  I've never really been a writer.  Yes, I did win my grade's Young Author awards in maybe the 4th grade with my inspiring story about my family and my neighbors living in Biosphere 2, also the title.  I did not win the county, but the school is decent enough right?  I also tend to ramble so coherent writing isn't really my thing.  However, I am a reader.  A voracious reader.  I would pretty much be choosing to read a good book at any time rather than anything else I could be doing.  Especially if it included a glass of wine and maybe some brie.  Blog reading has basically become my modern form of reading.  It doesn't replace a book, but I feel like I get to know and follow along with a life and an adventure every time I discover a new blog that I love.  And I really love it.  I love discovering a new one and reading a few posts then bookmarking it.  (So apparently there are technologies I should be using other than GFC??  I just bookmark the blog in my favorites really.)  I then start at the begining of the archives and slowly make my way through AFTER I've caught up on all the new posts from the blogs for which I've previously done this.  Then I get sad because it's like a good book series---except it's not over!  I get to keep reading. 

So basically I love the blog world.  I feel like I need to have a blog to participate, but I really think that even if I do get going on posting consistently, my love is really going to come from continuing to read and become internet friends with the authors of all my favorite blogs.  Also, I have a LOT to learn regarding HTML and how to make a pretty looking blog. 

FYI--the picture has nothing to do with this AND I was watching one of the last episodes of The Office while I was finishing this and got all teary.  That show was the best.  My husband and I actually spent an entire night (I'm talking until like 3-4am) once when I was visiting him back when we were still dating (long distance stinks) playing darts and watching episodes of The Office. I feel like it means a lot to our relationship, and even though it hasn't been quite the same the last few years since Michael left, I'm still so sad it's ending.  Jim and Pam forever. :)

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  1. for what it's worth, I know nothing about HTML and/or making a pretty blog. I hire someone for that :) I feel like blogging should focus on the things you enjoy, be they reading or writing. we don't all have to be good at everything!